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    Monster-Drop List.


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    Monster-Drop List. Empty Monster-Drop List.

    Post by Mercy on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:26 pm

    I'll continue to update this as I go, but I felt this would be hugely beneficial for people in the long-run.

    Bunny Lv.1- Spiked Club, Apple, Credits, Waffle.
    Green Blob Lv.2 - Green Blobsie, Credits, Spiked Club.
    Rat Lv.2 - Endor Boots, Credits, Rat Tail.
    Remlo Lv.3 - Credits, Wooden Guard, Leather Patch.
    Hog Lv.3 - Credits, Waffle, Apple.
    Gelgine Lv.4 - Credits, Peasant Hat, Gelgine Claw
    Red Blob Lv.4 - Red Blobsie, Credits, Waffle.
    Cacadem Lv.5 - Battery, Credits.
    Snake Lv.6 - Snake Fang, Credits, Waffles.
    Red Blob Lv.7 - Red Blob, Credits, Apples.
    Lemro Lv.7 - Lemro Horn, Credits, Waffles.
    Flying Monkey Lv.8 - Credits, Damaged G-Wings, Guardian Wings, Apples.
    Kitty Lv.8 - Credits, Scroll of Tutorial.
    Penguin Lv.9- Credits, Penguin Meat.
    Nutviper Lv.10 - Viper Eye, Credits.
    Mushroom Lv.10 - Twigs, Credits, Mushroom, Kunai, Elven Bow, Dim Blade.
    Puppet Lv.11 - Credits.
    Snowman Lv.11 - Credits, Snowball, Regular Potion, Potion of Splash.
    Giant Snake Lv.12 - Snake Tooth, Credits.
    Doctor Lv.14 - Credits, Doc Goggles.
    Ice Crystal Lv.16 - Ice Crystal, Credits, Frozen Arrow.
    Ice Golem Lv.17 - Credits, Ice Cube.
    Snail Lv.19 - Snail House, Credits.
    Sheep Lv.20 - Sheep Wool, Credits.
    Thorne Lv.22 - Credits.
    Wraith Lv.22 - Credits.
    Scarab Lv.23- Credits, Waffles.
    E-Spring Lv.24 - Metal Plate, War Axe, Credits.
    Fish Lv.25 - Fish, Credits.
    Sharky Lv.26- Credits, Shark Fin, Shark Tooth, Aqua Repeater, Steel Boots.
    Fire Crystal Lv.34 - Fire Crystal, Credits.
    Spooker Lv.35 - Credits.
    Wooka Bird Lv.39 - Wooka Feather, Credits, Battle Spear.
    Cactusaur Lv.42 - Cactus Needles, Credits, Red Bandana, Scroll of Desert.
    Stone Lv.43 - Credits, Stone.
    Invadur Lv.44 - Ion Cell, Metal Ore, Credits, Levian Shot [R], +15 [All Stats] Charm, Scroll of Naga.
    Ghostly Ghost Lv.46 - Credits, Super Waffle.
    Elgus Lv.47 - Credits, Mech Ring, Mech Bracer, Mech Gloves, Katara, Great Potion, 10K EXP Scroll.
    Moglo Lv.48 - Credits.
    Wandering Ghoul Lv.48 - Credits
    Psycho Lv.57 - Credits, Supreme Poo Hat, Mech Belt, Fremloth Boots.
    Demone Lv.58 - Credits, Chains [R], Demon Wing, Mech Necklace.
    Cursed Ghoul Lv.59 - Credits, Mech Bracelet.
    Banshi Lv.60 - Credits, Hecate Veil, Gold Nugget.
    Mr. Silly Spider Lv.70 - Credits, [Secret Item]
    Drone Flyer Lv.75 - Credits.
    Tomb Mummy Lv.80 - Credits, Mummy Bandage.
    RAT KING - Spear, Miner's Hat, Credits, Gompar Outfit M/F
    BELKAMORE] - Belkamore's Essence, Credits, Moon Slasher, Duskblade, Wooden Bow, Endor Plate M/F.
    GIANT RED BLOB - Credits, Broodborn Plate M/F, Broodborn Helmet, Red Cons.
    ICE GOLEM- Frozen Shot, Ice Cube, Credits, Frozen Mace, Elgon Blade, Frost Necklace, Ice Golem Essence.
    NAGA - Blazed Staff, Flame Fleche, Crimson Cleaver, Fiery Ring, Fiery Bracelet, Naga Horn, Credits.
    GROBBUL - Dark Endur M/F, Celtic Plate M/F, Ranger's Tuq M/F, Grobbul Stone, Credits.
    KRAKEN - Warlock Robe M/F, Valcor M/F, Stezed Plate M/F, Aqua Edge, Aqua Disc, Bazar Staff, Credits.
    MOGGU - Credits, Flame Quiver [R], Halcone Shield [B], Soul Gem [E], Prototype Boots, Mythril Helmet [B], Aegle Hood [R], Remedy Cap [E], Sandals of the Night, Green Feathered Hat, [Secret Item]
    DEVIL RIDER - Credits, Fremloth Gear (m/f), Horns, Demon Wings, Quietus [B], Devil's Soul [E], Cuttisc [E], Chopper [B], Potion of Terror, Treasure Chest.
    APOZEN JR. - Credits, Ganica Gear (m/f), Deckard Cloak (m/f), Deckard Hat, Demolisher [B], Steleno [R], Bentek Blade [E], 10K EXP Scroll, [Secret]
    DEMAGOTH - Swelan, Swelena, Swel Helm, Decon Tuske [B], [E]nchanted Slashers, Selacore [R], Credits.
    MISTER SLIME [Mini Boss] - Credits, Waffles, Green Blobs.
    BUGSY [Mini Boss] - Credits, Eye.
    SNAPPER [Mini Boss] - Credits, Meadows Scroll, Scroll of Tutorial, Scroll of Naga, Scroll of Atlantis, Telko Village Scroll, 5K EXP Scroll, 10K EXP Scroll, 50K EXP Scroll.

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    Monster-Drop List. Empty Re: Monster-Drop List.

    Post by Death on Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:06 am

    thatl help everyone alot lmao

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